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    You've come to the right place for replacement Glass Lamp shades, Victorian lampshades, ready-made Silk lampshades, Hardback lampshades, Wood lampshades, Victorian lampshade frames, Vianne glass shades, Pool Table & Pendant fixture replacement lampshades, Industrial Style Pendant Lights, lamp parts, Sockets, Onyx & Marble, hardback lampshade materials, custom Victorian lampshades, floor lamps & bridge lamps, bridge lamp shades, Stiffel torchiere lamp replacement glass, antique lamp parts, vintage lamp parts, uno frames, Victorian sugar shades, lamp finials, lampshade restoration and silk replacement shades. 

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All of our custom lampshades are made in the U.S.A.!

Handcrafted Custom Lamp shades, Antique Lamp shades Re-Covered, Hardback & Silk Lampshades 


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Victorian Lampshade Frames & Lampshade Making Materials & Supplies

Victorian Lampshades & Lamps

Victorian Lampshades & Lamps, Brass Lamps, Replacement Lamp Parts


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 Closeouts - Overstock & Discontinued Items

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Custom-sewn Silk Lampshades

Victorian Lampshades Thumbnail pictures  (7 pages)

Bridge Lamp Custom Lampshades

Bridge Uno Lampshade Frames and Shades 

   Table Lamp Shades

  Floor Lamp Shades

  Lampshade Frame Style Directory

 Victorian Sugar Shades

More Hand-Sewn Victorian Lampshades

More Romantic Victorian Lampshades

Large Custom Lampshade for floor lamp

Custom Design Lampshades Page 1 

Custom Design Lampshades Page 2

Custom Design Lampshades  Page 3  (includes hand-sewn Wall shades)

Custom Design Lampshades Page 4

Custom Design Lampshades Page 5

Designer Lampshades Page 6

Custom Design lampshades Page 7

Capodimonte-style Lampshades

Oriental-style Lampshades

Ready-Made Lampshades  

Unique Custom Lampshades

Victorian Lampshades & More Victorian Lamps     

Bedroom Lampshade

Exclusive "Gosford Park" lampshades

Genuine Mica Lampshades

Lamp Shades Restored, Before & After Pictures    (Silk and Hardback shades)

Rembrandt Lampshades Restored



Lamp Parts for Restoring & Building:

Lamp Parts & Hardware Main Index

Vintage & Antique Lamp Parts  (Bradley & Hubbard original table lamp on page 2)

New Lamp Parts 

Bases for Table Lamps

Bases for Floor Lamps

Gone With The Wind Lamps

Pair Victorian Lamps

Victorian Style Metal Table Lamp Bases 

Brass, Bronze, Cast Metal  & Onyx Lamps


Lamp Replacement Glass

 Alphabetical Index for all Glass Shades

Industrial style Pendant Lights

Banker's Lamp Glass Replacements

Bridge Lamps Glass Lampshades 

Cone Shades (Slant Shades for Pendants)

Custom decorated Glass replacement shades

Glass Lampshade - Closeouts - Discontinued Items     Save 30% or more on overstock

Hurricane Shades

 Reflector Bowls & Other Glass Shades Index

Reverse-Painted Glass Lampshades

Stiffel Torchiere Replacement Glass shades

Student Lamp Glass Lampshades  and for painting your own heirloom glass lampshades

Torchiere Glass Shades & Holders

Tulip & Flower Petal Shades - New Lower Prices!

Vianne Glass - French Made Going Fast!

NEW!  Metal Lampshades


Brass Finials & Clip-Top Adapters


Other Lamp Finials 

   Strass & Swarovski Crystal, Onyx, Jade, Murano Glass, Sports, Birds & Animals, Capodimonte Porcelain Rose, Hand-carved wood biplane, Christmas finials

Teddy Bear Santa Finial $12.00

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Finial Reducers, Risers and blank Finial Bases 



Bridge Lamps, Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Dragon Bridge Lamp

Dragon Bridge Lamp  $389

Lancelot uno shade  $159

 click here to see more pictures of Dragon Bridge Lamp

click here to see more versions of the Lancelot shade

Bridge Lamps & Floor Lamps

Bridge Lamp Component Suggestions

North Wind Bridge Lamp

Dragon Bridge Lamp 

Blue Crown Bridge Lamp & Shade

TJ's Bridge Lamp  

Another Custom Bridge Lamp

Lamp  Kits - Torchiere Lamp, Bridge lamp & Cluster Floor Lamps 

Custom Floor Lamps - Unique Golf Bag Lamp!

Custom Table Lamps - NEW Mermaid Lamp

Lamps & Lampshades Restored

Lamps Restored, Before & After Pictures



Hardback Lampshades

Styrene Hardback Lampshades     

Hardback Lampshade Kits  Make Your Own Lampshades


Lampshade Material for Hardback Lampshades


Wood Veneer Lampshades

Wood Lamps & Hardback Lampshades

Bridge Arms & Floor Lamp Components

Genuine Mica Lampshades

Floor Lamp Columns & Breaks

Crystal Lamps - Limited Supply

Bronze Torchiere Lamps - Unique Deco!  (New) "Lost Wax" cast bronze

Special Project:  Phono Lamp Shade

Lampshade Maker's Gold Mine


How to Make Lampshades

 Instruction Book "Creating Elegant Lampshades for Fun & Profit" by Nadine Redfield  - now back in stock.

How to Make Victorian Lampshades 

How to Make Victorian Sugar Shades

 Instruction videos & DVD's by Mary Maxwell

How to Construct Hardback Lampshades - Easy and Fun!

Lampshade Frames: Over 3,000 in stock!  


 Lampshade Frames Directory

Gallery of Lampshade Makers

Denim Lamp Shade

Bead Fringes for Lampshades 

Lampshade Cleaning  

Lampshade Trims, Fabrics & Supplies

Other Possibilities 

Lampshade Frame Catalog  now 23 pages!

Explanation of types of Lampshade fitters (bottom of this link)

Scalloped Tiffany  

(New frames on Page 1)  more on page 23

Chandelier Drum Shade Project

Lampshade Frame Price List

  Lampshade Frame Style Directory

Hanging Lamps Project

Small Lampshade Frames

Mermaid Art by Caleb

Large Lampshade Frames  

Unique Projects         

Simple Lampshade Frames

Corner Garden Project

Lampshade Frame Choices for Large Table Lamp

What does "Made in America" mean to us?

Special Order Frames

Victorian Style Metal Table Lamp Bases 

Capodimonte lamps & Vintage Porcelain Lamps

Matching Pair Capodimonte Lamps

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