Genuine Mica Lampshades

Genuine Mica lampshades, hand crafted by David Ripley

Two colors of Mica to choose from

Left:  Traditional Orange Mica

Right:  Silver Mica


Mica1_On.jpg (27356 bytes) Mica1_Off.jpg (36260 bytes)

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Amber Mica on Hexagon uno frame trimmed with spun brass braid, for bridge lamp

7" tall,  6" across top, 10" across bottom, point-to-point


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MicaTahitiOn2.jpg (64278 bytes) MicaTahitiOn.jpg (56722 bytes) MicaTahitiOn3.jpg (65248 bytes) MicaTahitiOff.jpg (56114 bytes) MicaTahiti.jpg (50989 bytes)

Genuine Amber Mica on cut-corner square frame

6" top, 15" bottom, 7" tall - for floor lamp or table lamp

Trimmed with spun brass braid 


(Shade shown here has been SOLD,

braid shown on this one has been discontinued, but can reproduce with different braid)


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More Mica Shades (imported)

MicaFancyOn.jpg (38130 bytes)  MicaFancyOff.jpg (33455 bytes)

7" top, 12" bottom, 7.5" high

Hexagon Bridge Lamp Shade with Art Deco design  $115 plus shipping

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MicaPlainOff.jpg (36120 bytes)  MicaPlainOn.jpg (23511 bytes)

7" top, 12" bottom, 7.5" high

Hexagon Bridge Lamp Shade, Plain  $100 plus shipping


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