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Dragon Bridge Arm #11985,  shown with "Ivy" tubing and Royal Loop Sugar Shade

(Shows "Ivy" Tubing in 3/4" diameter.  Also available in 1" diameter for additional cost)

NOTE:   Evidently, the last manufacturer of brass tubing in the United States finally bit the dust!  We can't find a tubing supplier anywhere in this country!  We still have a limited supply, but when it's gone, we can't get it anymore unless we want to buy a whole boat load from China!  (and we don't.....)


Base #10078 with 5" Onyx insert and Antique Brass Finish Column #11427 


Royal Loop Sugar Shade with Bead Fringe $225,  With Chainette Fringe $179,  

Dragon Bridge Lamp without the Shade - call for prices


Another version of Dragon Bridge Lamp with Lancelot uno shade

7/8" Ivy Embossed Brass Tubing, hand-applied antique finish on all components

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DragonArmAB.jpg (186719 bytes) DragonLancelot.jpg (146787 bytes) DragonOnyxBridge.jpg (193375 bytes)  DragonABFull.jpg (172743 bytes) 

Base shown on Dragon Lamps above no longer available

We're now using #10075 Base   


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