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Brass Bird Bridge Arm  17" long

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$50 with Antique Finish


Brass Double Bridge Arm

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with Antique Finish, $89


Iron, with Black Satin finish, Double Bridge arm

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19-1/2" wide,  10-1/4" tall



Northwind  - Limited Supply

NorthwindAB.jpg (47524 bytes)   NorthwindABArm.jpg (90931 bytes) 

8-3/4" tall, 12" wide

Brass,  polished and lacquered finish $65

Brass with antique brass finish as shown above $69

Thumbnail pictures.... click on pictures to enlarge.



New Art Deco bridge arm - Cast Brass

ArtDecoArmNew.jpg (26084 bytes)  $69

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Wing Nut swivel is required for arms with horizontal hole in end of arm. 

Click here for  Other Swivels

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NEW Brass Bridge Arms

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Prices shown on pictures below

Brass Bridge Arm #A2850  "Flower Leaf"- Out of Stock

12" long, 6" high

(lamp and shade not included) 

Add $5 if you want hand-applied antique finish to any brass polished & lacquered or unfinished brass bridge arm


Click on each picture to enlarge


BridgeArm2681.jpg (38451 bytes)



BridgeArm4012.jpg (47626 bytes)



BridgeArm2862.jpg (45876 bytes) 



BridgeArm2860Boat.jpg (50221 bytes)

#2860 $69    

BridgeArm2864.jpg (34614 bytes) 




GriffinArm.jpg (51807 bytes)

Griffin (Dragon)  $75

Brass, polished & lacquered


BridgeArm4196.jpg (36666 bytes)




BridgeArm4020.jpg (41379 bytes)





Cast Brass

Dragon  $75.00

Bellflower $69.00

Scroll  $69.00

Victorian Crown $69

Angel  $69

click on above pictures to enlarge

All Cast Iron

Viking Ship $39

Bellflower $39

Horn of Plenty $39

Discontinued Arms:  Regal Lion 


Black Knight - Out of Stock

BlackKnight.jpg (13133 bytes)




All Cast Iron

Parrot  $49

 Angel $39

 Double Arm $69

Weathervane & Dolphin Discontinued


$69 each

Unfinished Cast Brass (dull finish)   Art Deco, Bellflower, Leaf Design, and Curly-Cue (Scroll)

For hand applied antique finish, add $5


Bellflower.jpg (26267 bytes)

Bellflower (iron) $39


BridgeArm72091.jpg (47523 bytes)

72091 High Polished & Lacquered Brass Tapped 1/8 IP x 1/4 IP, 12-1/2" long $69

Also in Raw Brass

BridgeArmCrown.jpg (42863 bytes)

Victorian Crown $69  Brass, polished & lacquered

Add $5 for antique finish

Also one Cast Iron left $59


VikingShip.jpg (31457 bytes)

Viking Ship $39

cast iron


HornOfPlenty.jpg (19765 bytes)

Horn of Plenty, cast iron, Sold Out - Discontinued



Die-cast metal will break!  Extra care is required when working with this material, as it is not repairable!


BridgeArmsDieCast.jpg (48189 bytes)

Die Cast Metal Flowers, plated and lacquered or raw


BridgeArm58165.jpg (36112 bytes)

58165  Die Cast Metal, Brass Plated & Lacquered Finish 11" tall, 10" wide, top 1/8 IP x 1/4 IP bottom  $35


BridgeArms58076.jpg (63059 bytes)


M1508 Antique Brass finish, or plated & lacquered  8-1/4" spread, 9-1/2" high, overall width 13" Base tap 1/4 IPS, Arm tap 1/8 IPS



Vintage Lamp Parts



okarm.jpg (56719 bytes)


oklamp.jpg (27619 bytes)


1570_Bridge.jpg (24947 bytes)

ErinSugarShade.jpg (49321 bytes)

TblBridge3.jpg (13486 bytes)


Tracy1.jpg (88440 bytes)

BlueCrown.jpg (16128 bytes) 

 2bridge.jpg (40722 bytes)



Click here for custom sewn silk Bridge Lampshades


Our shop is running over with just about every old or new part  you could need for a floor lamp, bridge lamp, or table lamp.    This is only a few of the pieces we have.  Be sure to visit these links:  Vintage Lamp Parts  and   New Lamp Parts and  Floor Lamp Columns for specific pieces.  Some of the United States' largest lighting suppliers furnish all of our new lamp parts.  If you don't see what you want, it could be in our inventory even though it's not pictured here.  If you're looking for something unusual, contact us to see if we have it, or can order it for you.  Fast, courteous service at reasonable prices.  1-888-640-LAMP (5267).

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More Onyx & Marble


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Victorian Style lamp bases

Other Lamp Bases for Table Lamps & Floor Lamps

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