Bridge Lamp Lampshades

Bridge Lamp Lampshades by Hannah Murphy

We have at least 50 different styles & sizes of bridge lamp shade frames.

Other style Frames for custom Bridge Lamp shades

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Custom Silk & Hardback Lampshades for Bridge Lamps

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Silk fabrics for these shades are custom dyed any color you wish.

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                       Haley (Tulip) Uno frame shade designs     



            Lancelot Uno frame shade designs  


    Hardback Uno shade designs  

  Royal Loop Sugar Shade designs 


Click the links above to see exclusive designs for bridge lamp shades using the Haley frame, Lancelot frame, and Hardback Uno fitter shades for bridge lamps.

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Roses Brocade Fabric on Flower Tulip Uno frame

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Left:  Light turned Off

Right:  Light turned On



"French Vanilla" rich cream color, with matching braid and Buttercup acrylic bead fringe

Double-Scallop Bottom, Plain Top Uno Shade (1 in stock)

5" top, 12" bottom, 8" tall plus 2-1/2" fringe

$139.00 with Tassel Pull Cord for pull-chain socket 

($129 without Tassel Pull Cord)

Estimated $17.00 Shipping and Insurance


"Little Ol' Lady" Uno shade for Bill V.

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Rose Lace Overlay with 4" Translucent Acrylic Bead Fringe


Lotus Bell Uno shade for Andy


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Scalloped Hex Uno shade for Mary


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Andy's Daffodil Uno Shade


All pictures of the same shade, in different lighting conditions and backgrounds


Shade in its new home

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Burgundy Rose Brocade with Dusty Rose Lace overlay, 4" Glass Bugle Bead Fringe, Scroll Braid on Daffodil Frame, with Matching Tassel Pull Cord   

LeAnneTassel.jpg (44645 bytes) LeAnneOn3.jpg (24159 bytes)  LeAnneOn2.jpg (38869 bytes)  LeAnneOn.jpg (45373 bytes)  LeAnneOff.jpg (43940 bytes)

shown on the "Twisted Bridge" lamp


BlueCrown.jpg (16128 bytes)  Blue Crown (Daffodil frame)


T&J (Daffodil frame)  Tracy9.jpg (91555 bytes)




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6" Top, 12" Bottom, 9" tall (not including fringe)

Hand-sewn Gold/White Silk Brocade with Buttercup acrylic bead fringe, gold scroll braid. 

$159.00 without Tassel Pull;  $169.00 with Tassel Pull


"Royal Uno" for Ross's Bridge Lamp


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Royal Loop Sugar Shade

Designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

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Hand sewn, Pink Crepe-Back Satin, with 6" translucent bead fringe, "Sugar" beads on four panels with Victorian Roses design.  Corner panels covered with off-white lace. 

Lampshade, as shown  $300

(Lamp sold)

Many restored antique and vintage brass and iron Bridge Lamps in stock, completely rewired and some refinished. Prices ranging from $129 to $500.

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Poppy frame with re-embroidered lace over silk charmeuse, with 4" chainette fringe and matching scroll braid custom dyed salmon color

Tyrian.jpg (51934 bytes)

Poppy frame 

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Bridge frame #1570


Bridge frame #1570 with "Bricks" pattern Silk Jacquard, spun brass braid, and Amber Glass Bugle Bead Fringe

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Hand-painted Venise Lace Leaf Appliqué on 8 panels, piped silk shantung

(Click on pictures to enlarge)


$79 plus shipping and insurance

(Shade is factory made - painted appliqués' by Hannah)

(Plain, without appliqués = $49)


Straight Line Hex Uno


Roses Brocade custom dyed,  Taupe/Rose Bead Fringe

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Factory-made Faux Leather Uno Shade for Bridge Lamp


Click on pictures to enlarge

$49 plus shipping & insurance

8-3/4" top, 12" bottom, 7-3/4" tall


Aztec Uno shade


Aztec Uno (frame special order)

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 Art-Deco Cove-Corner Square Uno

 custom-dyed antique gold brick-pattern Silk Jacquard,  5" Cafe bead fringe, spun-brass trim top and bottom, scroll braid on vertical struts, double lined. 

Click on pictures to enlarge

DecoCafe.jpg (49371 bytes) DecoCafe2.jpg (43984 bytes) DecoCafe3.jpg (49168 bytes) DecoCafeOff.jpg (47211 bytes)

Art Deco lampshade designed and hand-sewn by Hannah Murphy

  DecoCafeTop.jpg (50633 bytes)   DecoCafeClose.jpg (68005 bytes)

$300 plus shipping and insurance 


Factory-made Victorian shade for Bridge lamp "Little Hat"


Click on pictures to enlarge

LittleHatUno.jpg (38704 bytes) LittleHatUnoOff.jpg (48693 bytes) LittleHatUnoOn.jpg (42985 bytes)



Complete restoration of old shade for bridge lamp:

Before  ToniBefore.jpg (40144 bytes) ToniLiningBefore.jpg (26191 bytes)     After  ToniAfterOff.jpg (105086 bytes)  ToniAfterOn.jpg (83908 bytes)


Click on pictures to enlarge to full size


Unique cut-corner rectangle shade for bridge lamp

CCRectUno.jpg (18040 bytes)   CCRectUnoSide.jpg (19587 bytes)  CCRectUnoLining.jpg (15784 bytes)

Custom-made frame with 4-way Uno fitter (very limited supply)

Most of our bridge lamp shade frames have 3-wire Uno fitter.


Tiara Sugar Shade for Tom

Tiara_Tom3.jpg (99772 bytes) Tiara_Tom.jpg (115900 bytes)

Click on images to enlarge



Tiara with Bead Fringe on Dragon Bridge Lamp


CherylAnn3.jpg (31686 bytes)


"Little Old Lady" for Becky

BeckyGLOLon.jpg (40964 bytes)  BeckyGLOL3.jpg (60826 bytes) BeckyGLOLoff.jpg (66776 bytes) 

 lace overlay over sage green silk charmeuse, with rose-to-light pink ombre-dyed chainette fringe and matching scroll trim




BubbleTealBeads.jpg (39257 bytes)    BubbleMyLamp.jpg (46925 bytes) BubbleCloseUp.jpg (42381 bytes) BubbleTealBack.jpg (42225 bytes) BubbleTealBeads2.jpg (36726 bytes)

"Bubble Cone" frame covered with silk chiffon fan pleats & rosettes, with acrylic Flower Bead Fringe

shown on "Hannah" bridge lamp (click on this link)



  Elaine4.jpg (58550 bytes)  Elaine5.jpg (38687 bytes) Elaine3.jpg (54444 bytes) Elaine2.jpg (47683 bytes) Elaine1.jpg (48382 bytes)

Antique Square (also known as "Loop") frame

Thumbnail pictures.. Click on images for larger pictures


RoyalShade2.jpg (49729 bytes)  Royal frame   


mareclu2.jpg (28705 bytes)

mareclu1.jpg (24520 bytes)


ErinSugarShade.jpg (49321 bytes)

Erin Sugar Shade (Grape frame)


GrapeSS.jpg (21382 bytes)

Grape Uno Frame  

TwoGreen.jpg (32127 bytes)  MiniRosaleeGreen.jpg (35475 bytes)  FourPointGreenBridge.jpg (35481 bytes)  FourPointBridgeGreen.jpg (45656 bytes)

Four Point Bridge frame (available with fitter recessed)

(also shown with matching Mini-Rosalee cliptop shade)  

Click on any picture to enlarge


ButterOff.jpg (31439 bytes) 

Buttercup Uno frame


UnoCone.jpg (20779 bytes)

Bubble Cone Uno frame    

DellCJ2.jpg (54655 bytes)

Standard Tulip Uno frame


AntBridge.jpg (26248 bytes)

1625 Antique Uno frame


1570_Bridge.jpg (24947 bytes)

1570 Uno Bridge frame  


HexUnoBlackOff.jpg (16601 bytes)  HexUnoBlack.jpg (28993 bytes)  HexUnoGoldLining.jpg (20393 bytes)

Straight-Side Hex with Gold Lining


Small "Mom" Uno frame, Black Silk Shantung with Gold Lining



Small "Mom" Uno frame, White Silk Shantung


$159.00 plus shipping & insurance - any color

Click on pictures to enlarge


HelenG.jpg (57303 bytes)

Small "The Mom" Uno frame, similar to "Gaslight" uno frame

2bridge.jpg (40722 bytes)

Scalloped Hexagon Uno frame


1550Sugar.jpg (40583 bytes)

1550 Uno frame


ScallopHex.jpg (15328 bytes)

Scalloped Hexagon Uno frame  

Victorian Bell Uno frame DISCONTINUED by Mfr. 


B514 Bridge Arm Swivel 

B514AB  With hand-applied antique finish

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TableBridge.jpg (13797 bytes) SOLD  TableBridgeOff.jpg (15582 bytes) SOLD

Table Bridge Lamp with hardback Styrene Roses shade


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