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 "Passions" (click on the picture to enlarge)

A pair of custom lamps and shades designed for NBC Television's "Passions" daytime soap opera, using the "Skirt" frame, lace overlay, rosettes, glass bead fringe.   

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 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

(prices are for lampshade only - do not include lamp)

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Hannah's Bridge Lamp Shades seen

 In July 2005 issue of "Home Lighting & Accessories"

RoyalShade2.jpg (49729 bytes) "Royal"

ErinPansy.jpg (40788 bytes) "Erin sugar shade"



Hat_On.jpg (39092 bytes)

StrawHat_On.jpg (42934 bytes) Bluebell_Off.jpg (38355 bytes) HhopSing_On.jpg (38042 bytes)
Hat Straw Hat Bluebell  Hop Sing
Swallow_On.jpg (63437 bytes) Swallow_Off.jpg (56306 bytes) Sandab2_On.jpg (59820 bytes) Sandab2_Off.jpg (51482 bytes)
These two shades were created for customer's Chinese vase lamps where unique color and fabric combinations were desired.  The first is the "Swallow" frame, the second is the "Sandab"
1Drum.jpg (23350 bytes) 2Drums.jpg (22282 bytes) OrchidAS1.jpg (41514 bytes)
Pair of Fancy Scallop Drum Shades Restored Customer's Orchid fabric on Antique Scallop Frame
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SharonOff.jpg (31027 bytes) ButterOff.jpg (31439 bytes)  

SylviaOn.jpg (22606 bytes)


White Lotus with 'Little Crystal' Glass Bead Fringe, 100% Silk "Bouquet" Jacquard Buttercup With Champagne Beads 

 (also for bridge lamp)

'Mongoose' frame, Silk Jacquard Cameo II   

  "Vader" frame, with Glass Bead Fringe

"Vanessa" - for  10" Floor lamp reflector Bowl

  Flower Tulip - Custom Colors 

   "Linda" -  for 10" floor lamp reflector bowl    




Rose Elegance        Heart's Delight       

designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy


"Birds of Prey", for a true bird lover!  Glass "sugar beads".  A different bird on each of four panels  Inserts of custom-dyed Silk Jacquard with a Feather motif, matching Braid and 4" Fringe.  (Large "Trophy" frame for floor lamp)  one-of-a-kind   $400   SOLD
"My Angels" with Icicle Bead fringe      

designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

Musician supplied his own photos for this unique "sugar shade".  Six panels with pictures of favorite artists and the insignia of his favorite music instrument.  Shade is for Bridge-Arm lamp in his music studio.

TableBridgeOff.jpg (15582 bytes)

TableBridge.jpg (13797 bytes) Dolly.jpg (22914 bytes)  Dolly  



see variations of the Lancelot at this link:

Lancelot Uno Bridge Lamp Lampshade

Table Bridge Lamp.  All solid Brass with vintage base.   As shown, $189 (does not include shade)  (Shade sold)



BGon.jpg (32641 bytes) Becky 




CooperOn.jpg (15777 bytes) Re-covered frame for Frederick Cooper lamp 

Silk shantung 

Most of the pictures on this page will enlarge if you click on the picture. Don

Silk Taffeta on Nova frame  

OvalOn.jpg (12513 bytes) OvalOff.jpg (19365 bytes)  

BillieV_On.jpg (16509 bytes)


BillieV_off.jpg (15430 bytes)

LopezOn.jpg (14554 bytes) Lopez1.jpg (34644 bytes) JadeOn.jpg (22829 bytes) JadeOff.jpg (27571 bytes)
BellaRose2.jpg (104168 bytes) BellaRose1.jpg (87983 bytes) (73555 bytes) Sue1.jpg (79144 bytes) 
Bella Rose Bella Rose Sue  

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