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Modified Pagoda II frame for Floor Lamp

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Custom frames for special projects



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Toile #1 of pair

12" Top, 19" Bottom, 11-3/4" Tall

Toile #2 of pair 




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Matching Pair, using "Large Loop" frames

Each side and top with different scene, matching each shade as closely as possible with fabric pattern

LLSide3.jpg (59261 bytes)  LLBothOn.jpg (55883 bytes)  LLSide2.jpg (46090 bytes)  LLSide4.jpg (45403 bytes)   

LLside1.jpg (58906 bytes)  LLBothOff.jpg (55146 bytes)
View from Top

 LLTops.jpg (52414 bytes)   


View of Lining

   LLlining2.jpg (21261 bytes)    LLlining1.jpg (12509 bytes)



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