Romantic Victorian Lampshades

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These are only thumbnail views of the many lampshades created.  Click on image to see larger photo.      Name of the shade in blue is a link to the page with more pictures, description and prices.  Name of the  frame used is in parentheses.  

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

KendraBlue.jpg (38452 bytes) Round Bell frame

KendraBlue2.jpg (33930 bytes)

RosesRoyalLoop3.jpg (53262 bytes) Summertime Roses on Royal Loop frame

Sugar Shade

RosesRoyalLoop.jpg (60276 bytes) RosesRoyalLoop2.jpg (59013 bytes)
LilacsRoses3.jpg (68130 bytes) LilacsRoses2.jpg (63567 bytes) LilacsRosesCloseUp.jpg (115995 bytes) LilacRoses1.jpg (65292 bytes)
Provincial Oval frame, double-lined (one Off-White and one Pink layer), Custom-dyed Periwinkle Blue Silk Chiffon Side Pleats, Center panel "sugared" with Glass Beads over Lilacs & Roses decal.  Six-inch translucent bead fringe, rose pink serpentine braid.


designed and made by Hannah Murphy

Samantha2.jpg (78931 bytes) Tracy6.jpg (114303 bytes) NBCpair.jpg (119214 bytes) 57ChevyOn.jpg (42423 bytes)
Samantha Tracy Passions Collectors
LilHex.jpg (78365 bytes) pink1.jpg (41148 bytes) Pagoda_II_On.jpg (40329 bytes) JZ2.jpg (113730 bytes)
Lil Hex frame Haley (Allison frame) Pagoda II Janice
ErinSugarShade.jpg (49321 bytes) DenimRect.jpg (52536 bytes) HelenG.jpg (57303 bytes) UnoCone.jpg (30435 bytes)
Erin Rectangle Bell Helen Teal Bubble Cone (Bubble)
BronzeBouquet.jpg (62150 bytes) BronzeBouquet2.jpg (40363 bytes) MelissaAfter2.jpg (24545 bytes) BlueLoop.jpg (101360 bytes)
Custom Restorations Before & After Lynette
1550Nude.jpg (42099 bytes) Sue1.jpg (79144 bytes) Swallow_Crown_Rosette.jpg (41000 bytes) GosfordPark_off.jpg (76446 bytes)
Cherub Cut Corner Rectangle Bell Swallow With Crown Gosford Park
REU4.jpg (38312 bytes) REU2.jpg (39714 bytes) Large 
"Mom" reflector bowl frame for Floor Lamps or Large Table Lamps
Lucy1.jpg (48795 bytes)  "Lucy"  (Mini-Victorian Beauty) 

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BlueTassel.jpg (23099 bytes)

Hand made pull-chain cord & with bullion fringe tassel

Will custom dye any color you wish

Prices vary depending on how detailed it gets

Call for more information  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

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