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A lamp is not just a device for lighting.  It makes a statement about you!    A new lampshade is like having a new dress, or a new suit... it can make your day (or night) !  Take a look around.... do your lamps need "new clothes"?    Whether you need parts to restore an antique or vintage lamp, or a completely new lamp, we have (or can usually get within a week) almost anything you need to bring your lighting to life!  Refurbishing antique lampshades is one of my specialties!  Don't throw out that old tattered shade;  I can restore it like new!  If you don't have an old frame to restore, choose from over 3,000 frames in my inventory.    Call for a free consultation regarding any of your lamp or lampshade needs.

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 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

Hand Made in the United States of America!



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"Desert" frame, Jadite Green 'Wavy Lines' Silk Jacquard fabric, Gold braid and Fringe, Brown Tassels

Colors chosen to match jadite pieces of double-cluster floor lamp, Fabric pattern chosen to match twist design of pole.

Jade Ball Finial 2-1/6" total height, 1-1/8" Ball 

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In it's new home    


Mermaid Lamp & Shade 

 MermaidLamp1.jpg (237745 bytes)  MermaidLamp2.jpg (286165 bytes)


"Blue Chameleon"

This shade is a mystery - a pleasant surprise!  It was made for a unique bridge lamp with light bulb facing upward,  using a washer-top frame with a bulb clip adapter.

All fabrics were custom dyed  "Wedgewood" Blue.    When the light is off, you see various hues of Blue, depending on which angle you're looking at it.   When the light is turned On, it glows a soft Lavender color.

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BettyNO1.jpg (69211 bytes)  BettyNO2.jpg (65494 bytes)  BettyNO3.jpg (70448 bytes)  BettyNO4.jpg (73794 bytes)

Eight panels - 4 with re-embroidered lace overlay; alternating panels with tie-dyed Silk Chiffon Fan Pleats overlay on Silk Crepe, (darker blues at bottom of fan pleats.)


Royal Loop Sugar Shade

RoyLoop1.jpg (47191 bytes) RoyLoop2.jpg (49741 bytes) RoyLoop3.jpg (37731 bytes) RoyLoop4.jpg (55776 bytes)

For Table Lamp with Harp (also available with Uno fitter for Bridge Lamp)

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  WindsongTerryOutside.jpg (33714 bytes) WindsongTerryInside.jpg (25120 bytes) WindsongTerry1.jpg (34088 bytes)

WindsongTerryCloseup.jpg (50798 bytes)


Customer's fabric

RoyalShade1.jpg (54063 bytes) RoyalShade4.jpg (64091 bytes)

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Deep Mauve with Lavender highlights.  Lace overlay over Silk Charmeuse, Silk Chiffon Fan Pleats in lower panels, 6" chainette fringe


Matching Tassel for pull chain  

LOLJoEllen.jpg (37001 bytes)  LOLJoEllen2.jpg (38381 bytes)

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"Little Old Lady" frame, covered with off-white Silk Satin and Lace.  Double Lined, with Pink scroll braid, and 3-inch chainette fringe.
Tyrian.jpg (51934 bytes)

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Regal purple colors, large custom  bridge lamp shade

4" top

16" bottom

9" high

6" chainette fringe, Silk Charmeuse with rose Lace overlay, double line.

Matching Tassel Pull Chain


2Marina2.jpg (37805 bytes)

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Marina4.jpg (98035 bytes) Marina1.jpg (98393 bytes) Marina2.jpg (58508 bytes)


('Marilyn' frame with crown)


This frame is ideal for most Capodimonte lamps

10" across top of crown, 15-1/2" tall to top of crown, 20" diameter bottom.

With bead fringe, $455

Lucy1.jpg (48795 bytes) LucyLamp.jpg (48086 bytes)

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(Mini Victorian Beauty)

With Chainette Fringe, Rose Lace design overlay, Silk Chiffon Rosettes front and back.

CherylAnn2.jpg (75258 bytes) Cheryl CherylAnn3.jpg (31686 bytes)
GalloOff.jpg (77015 bytes) GalloOff2.jpg (60079 bytes) GalloOn2.jpg (65791 bytes)

Swallow_Crown_Rosette2.jpg (41437 bytes)Swallow_Crown_Rosette.jpg (41000 bytes)Swallow_Top.jpg (24761 bytes)

Swallow with Crown

Bottom row - same shade with silk chiffon rosettes

Custom-dyed brocade with matching braid, 6" translucent bead fringe

Swallow_Rosette.jpg (19281 bytes)

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$400 without Rosettes

$475 with Rosettes

1550Nude.jpg (42099 bytes) 1550Sugar.jpg (40583 bytes) Nude Lady Lamp $229

Sugar shade with Cherubs, Rose & Ivory Bead fringe, Spun Brass Braid on bottom, French Scroll Trim on top and vertical struts,  $189

Nude1550.jpg (46045 bytes) (51663 bytes) GatsbyGracesOn.jpg (86891 bytes) GatsbyGracesOff.jpg (67667 bytes)

Three Graces Lamp no longer available

GatsbyOff.jpg (49037 bytes)


 Gatsby shade  

4" Top, 13" Bottom, 11-1/2" tall, not including the 2-1/2" fringe



If glass or acrylic bead fringe is desired, price depends on the bead fringe selected.

Look here:  Bead Fringe


LotusSong1.jpg (62264 bytes)  LotusSong2.jpg (63738 bytes) Lotus Song frame 

Custom design for Chinese Lamp

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Customer's old frame recovered with blend of Silk & Cotton, Lined with Silk Charmeuse All Custom Dyed Williamsburg Blue for antique floor lamp
Amanda.jpg (21061 bytes) Amanda

(click on picture)

Lancelot uno frame,

As shown, $179

also available in a washer-top frame, similar to the Double Scallop Bell

OrchidFabric2.jpg (30772 bytes) Antique Scallop frame, customer's designer orchid fabric
LittleTiffancy.jpg (20841 bytes) "Little Tiffany"

Scalloped Tiffany small frame covered with "Bloomingdale's" fabric

Rose1.jpg (88159 bytes) Customer broke top half of all-glass lamp which could not be replaced.  

Lamp was converted to use a harp.  

The "Gish" frame is covered with off-white "Bouquet" design Silk Jacquard,  trimmed with custom-dyed variegated chainette fringe

BronzeBouquet.jpg (62150 bytes)BronzeBouquet2.jpg (40363 bytes) Antique frame re-covered with Silk Jacquard custom-dyed a beautiful Bronze color, trimmed with Small Loop braid
MomLoop2.jpg (71004 bytes) Large "Mom" frame covered with Stella Brocade and trimmed with Large Loop braid custom-dyed to match fabric.
Customer's Martha Stewart towels made into Lampshade on "Small Mom" frame
 Bella Rose frame,   6" top, 19" bottom, 7-1/2" high 

 with 'Paisley" design Silk Jacquard.   3 narrow panels covered with custom-dyed red lace, braid and 4-inch fringe  


Specially designed by customer for their Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Shirred Silk Chiffon on large bottom panels, Lace overlay on diamond panels, 12 tassels on diamond sides.  

Chiffon and 6" fringe custom dyed to match colors in 100% cotton print by Jinny Beyer

Custom Lampshade for more pictures of this shade. 



MarcyeOff.jpg (43130 bytes) MarcyeOn.jpg (43567 bytes)

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Call to discuss any custom shades you'd like.

Current estimate 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

  Business is flourishing, and there's only one of me!

"I haven't met the lampshade I couldn't duplicate"

Hannah Murphy Lamps & Lampshades  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

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