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Superb-quality handcrafted in United States of America using finest materials available.  Satisfaction guaranteed at reasonable prices and prompt service.  Hannah works with you to design lampshades just for you.   Most fabrics are custom-dyed to suit your wishes.   Call toll-free 1-888-640-LAMP for consultation.    Studio hours 9 a.m. 6 p.m.   Leave message at other times.

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

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Name of the shade is followed in parentheses by the name of the frame used.

Click on the pictures to enlarge; click on Name below picture for description & price.  All dimensions are also shown on Lampshade Frame Prices link

 Linda1.jpg (16289 bytes)  

SharonOff.jpg (31027 bytes)

maroon1.jpg (30193 bytes)


Lyd2a.jpg (20309 bytes)


cutcornsquare.jpg (13155 bytes)

Linda (restored antique) Sharon (Medium Lotus) Mardi Gras (Medium Umbrella) Vanessa (The Classic) Cut Corner Square
grntalon.jpg (56054 bytes) Gayla1.jpg (68220 bytes) redoak.jpg (8855 bytes) angel.jpg (25076 bytes) stickshade.jpg (86729 bytes)
Betty Allison frame Red Hardback My Angels Sugar Shade Stick Shade (top & bottom wires)
M&A.jpg (21291 bytes) Hopesy1.jpg (64147 bytes)  

ScallopHex.jpg (15328 bytes)

Linda2.jpg (15138 bytes) lgbtopon.jpg (14388 bytes)
Amanda (Lancelot Hope (Sine Ring) Scalloped Hex Linda  (antique) Pink Tulip
debshirred.jpg (32278 bytes)  

Lancelot.jpg (43433 bytes)

DellCJ2.jpg (54655 bytes) DellUmb.jpg (31965 bytes) Faye1.jpg (131091 bytes)
Debbie (restored) Lancelot Satin Flower (Flower Tulip) Chiffon Umbrella (Large Umbrella) Antique Scallop (Lge. Antique Scallop)

Remington.jpg (21491 bytes)


Cameo2Lit.jpg (39091 bytes)



kathyk.jpg (53496 bytes)



Twins.jpg (57092 bytes)


Plaid2.jpg (24546 bytes)

Remington (Vader) Cameo II Little Old Lady Brocade on Styrene (Discontinued)

(now all hand sewn)

(Scalloped Bell frame)

Plaid Umbrella (Large Umbrella)
2bridge.jpg (40722 bytes) Granger.jpg (31733 bytes)  



IvoryLinen.jpg (83984 bytes)




StyreneRoses.jpg (108227 bytes)




PleatedStyrene.jpg (102044 bytes)

Blue Scallop Hex Daffodils on Denim (custom painted hardback)      Ivory Linen       (Hardback) Roses on Styrene (Hardback)  SOLD Pleated Uno on Styrene (Hardback)

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