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Lampshade Frames Directory

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Bed Lampshade Frames We have so many lampshade frames, we've added links in the left column to sort them by type or shape.  You might have to try a couple of different categories to find the frame you want.  A lot of the lampshade frames listed under Bridge Lamps are available in Washer Tops also, and many of the other frames are available with a Uno fitter by special request.  We don't know of any easier way to categorize so many frames!  Call if you need help in finding the right lampshade frame.

We're not finished transferring all the lampshade frame pages to this new format - please check back, or go to the old link:  Lampshade Frames Catalog  and click on the links to 23 pages of frames.    We appreciate your patience!  All frame dimensions and prices are shown at:

Lampshade Frame Price List


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Lampshade Frames Price List shows frame dimensions

WORD file - drawings of frames - this is 150 pages long

.pdf file drawings of frames


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Lampshade lingo

Almost always, sizes are listed as  Top, Bottom, and Height

Rectangle shape frames -  you'll find the top & bottom dimensions shown in (  ) parentheses.

CT = Clip-Top fitter for standard round light bulb

CCT = Clip-top fitter for Candelabra shape light bulb

WFL = washer top is flush with top of frame

REF = Reflector wire fitter - has little humps in the top vertical wires that rest on the edge of a reflector bowl.

Uno = has special Uno fitter that screws onto end of light socket for Bridge Lamps

WT = Washer Top

Euro-Fitter -  shaped like a Uno fitter, but does not have threads on the inner band.  Fastened to the lamp by anchoring the shade underneath the light bulb.   Most prevalent in Europe and Australia. 

We do not sell Euro fitter frames.

Click here for explanation on difference between Uno fitter and Euro fitter

Click this link for: 


WORD file - drawings of frames - this is 150 pages long

.pdf file drawings of frames


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