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Prices shown are for the frame only - finished shade not included.

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For lamp like this:



Bell Mini Uno frame, flat banded top & bottom  $25

4" x 6" x 5"  uno fitter flush at top edge.  Used for Table Bridge lamps



Charleston  $22

5-1/2" rounded-corner square top with washer flush.  6-1/2" bottom,  6" tall.    4" circles on all sides.


Gish, Mini


Mini Gish  $22  Temporarily Out of Stock

  Round clip-top is standard, WT available also

1-1/2" round top, 5-1/4" high,  6" x 8" 6 scallop uneven provincial side panels.  6 wedding bell ribs.



Lil's Hex


Lil's Hex  $22

4" s-s hex top washer fitter flush,  7" s-s hex bottom with 2" cuff, 6 curved ribs, 6-1/2" tall overall.


Little Old Lady Mini


Little Old Lady Mini  Round Clip Top  $20

4" top,  round clip top flush, 8" bottom, 6" high.  6 special ribs with scallop top and inverted scallop bottom.  Also comes with washer top fitter - $22.


Mini Crown

Mini Crown $25   Temporarily Out of Stock

2" top, washer top flush, 7" scallop bottom, points down,  7" hex cuff up 1/2", 6" tall, 1/2" collar at top.


Mini Shelly

Mini Shelly (also called "Mini Fan")  $25   Temporarily Out of Stock

2" deep at top,  4-1/2" x 8" x 5" high.   4-scallop oval bottom points down



Mini Skirt


Mini Skirt   $27

(Upside down version of Skirt)

4" round top, WFL,  8" bottom, 6-scallop Phair style bottom, 5-3/4" high.  1-1/4" cuff, 6 slightly curved ribs.


Oval Umbrella Mini


Oval Umbrella Mini  $20

2" top wfl 5" tall.  6" x 9"  8-scallop oval bottom, points up, 8 umbrella ribs


Provincial Oval Mini


Provincial Oval Mini  $21

3" x 4" diamond style top,  6" x 9" oval scallop bottom,  clip down 1/2";  6-1/2" high.  Special drop "V" shape on side upper panel.  Clip top.



Mini Rosalee

Mini Rosalee  $25

2" top washer flush, 6" wide at bottom,  8" at widest point,  4 leaf panels, 6" tall.


Mini Texas-O

Mini Texas-O  $25  (Washer top or Clip Top)

4" x 5" oval scallop top, 6" x 9" custom scallop bottom,  6-1/2" high; special side panel and end ribs.


Mini Tulip

Mini Tulip  Washer top $26  Uno fitter  $28 

8" at the widest point.  8" high  Washer top or Uno,  fitter down

2-1/2" from top;  4-1/2" across top.

(also available with Uno fitter by special order)


Victorian Oval - Mini

Mini Victorian Oval  $22  Clip Top

3-1/2" x 5" scallop oval top,  5-1/2 x 8" scallop oval bottom, 7" high.  Clip down 1/2".  Special side panel and end cuffs.


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