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Hannah Murphy Hand Sewn Victorian Lampshades

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Round Lampshade Frames




Double Scoop

5" round top with flush washer 18" 12 scallop bottom pts down
matching cuff up 3" pts up  6 custom swooping ribs 9" high



Gothic Nouveau

2" Round top, 2-1/2" high top "dome" section,  Bottom  Six  6-1/2" wide "Gothic" arches, 20-1/2" wide at bottom.


El Cappo with Crown

6" round top, washer down 3", 22" bottom with 4-1/2" deep point to point cuff.  Collar (Crown) is 11" with scallop points down, 6" diameter to join top of frame, 4-3/4" tall.  Overall height 17-3/4".  Perfect for Capodimonte-style lamps.


Baby Hearts with Crown

4" round top, washer flush, 10-1/2" high, 17" diameter with 12-scallop bottom (points up) 6 hearts and 6 s-style ribs.  Collar (Crown) is 9" across top, 4" bottom, and 3-1/2" high.  Another great choice for Capodimonte-style lamps.



5-1/2" top, washer flush, bottom 17", 8 scallops point down, 18" at widest, 11-1/2" high, 8 "S" ribs offset 1 panel



Lotus (comes in 3 sizes)

Large:  4" x 21" x 11"

Medium:  4" x 17" x 10"

Small:  3" x 14" x 9"



Lotus Bell (Two sizes)

Large:  4" top, washer flush, 8 wedding bell ribs, 14" bottom with Lotus-style points, 12" high

Small:  3" top, washer flush, 6 wedding bell ribs, 10" bottom, 9" high



DEEP SCALLOP LOTUS (also known as Scalloped Tiffany)

Large:  4" x 21" x 11"same as Large Lotus, but with 3" deep rounded scallops

Medium:   4" x 17" x 10" same as  Medium Lotus, but with 2" deep Scallops



Small:  4" x 14" x 7" washer flush

Medium:  4" x 16" x 8" washer flush

Large:  4" x 18" x 9" washer flush

Six custom ribs, wave and point custom bottom (ribs straighter than shown in "Phat Phair" below.


Phat Phair

4" top, washer flush; 19" bottom, 9" high.  6 sections, "over-bent" ribs



4" x 13" x 8" tall, washer flush.  8 sections, scalloped bottom points up, triple "s" ribs

Large Poppy

5" x 16" x 9






Hop Sing

2" round top, washer flush, 14" bottom, custom 2-1/2" cuff, 6 ribs, 5-1/2" high overall


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Jing (2 sizes - Large size shown in picture)

(Also known as Double Scallop Bell)

Medium:  6" round 6 scallops points down, 12" round bottom, 12 scallops point up, washer drop 1-1/2", 9" high, 6 panels

Large:  (only one left)  8" top, 16" bottom, 12" tall







11" band top, 18" custom bottom (inverted v-notch)  11-1/2" high, 8 curved ribs.  Reflector wire fitter fits 6" and 8" bowls.




Nova Prince

10" band top, 18" custom bottom as the Nova, 1-1/2" cuff, 12-1/2" tall, 8 curved ribs. Reflector wire fitter fits 6" and 8" bowls.




Crown (large)


4" top, wfl, with 1" collar, 19" 8 scallop bottom, points down
19" octagonal cuff up 3"

Mini Crown


2" top wfl, 7" scallop bottom, pts down, 7" hex cuff up 1/2", 6" tall & 1/2" collar at top



Ice Cream Cone
4" top with flush fitter, 18" bottom, 8 wedding bell ribs, pt to pt scalloped bottom and cuff, 4" apart, 10" high
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