Capodimonte lamps, vintage Porcelain Lamps

Attention Auction Shoppers!

 I am not an expert on antiques or on Capodimonte lamps.  Please don't ask me to  give appraisals on the value of Capodimonte lamps.  I only know what I've paid for some in my collection, and what others have been willing to pay for some of mine. 

 Sometimes it's very difficult to tell a real Capodimonte from a "copy-cat" version.  There are some around!  I've seen used lamps on some auction sites advertised as "authentic Capodimonte", and I have serious doubts if this is accurate, so "Buyer Beware"!  

 Shop around some of the auction sites to learn what these lamps are selling for.  If you see a particular style often, common sense should tell you this was probably abundantly produced, or not a very popular piece.  As with any antique, you should always pay attention to the Seller's descriptions.  If it says, "Capodimonte-Style..." I'd be suspicious.  Also be on-guard for misspelling of the name.  This could be a deliberate attempt to mislead you.   If the description claims things like "flea bites", or "small chip, hardly noticeable" - that's another warning they really have no clue as to the value of a genuine, pristine Capodimonte!

  If you are thinking of bidding on a Capodimonte, ask the Seller ahead of time how it will be packed for shipment, and how much the shipping charges might be.  You could be in for a huge disappointment if it is not adequately packed for protection in shipment, or it costs more to ship it than what you paid for the lamp!   Always insist on it being Insured.  I have offered to pay extra for lots of bubble wrap, foam peanuts, new box, professional packing, and anything else to try to get it to me in one piece, and have often cried when I opened the box.   Sometimes in spite of Seller's best intentions, they really don't know much about packing and shipping delicate items, so I haven't bid on a lamp for a long time!

One final thought... if you are successful in obtaining an old original Capodimonte, and it needs a new lampshade.... I'm here to make one for you!

Hannah Murphy

Toll-free:  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

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"Baby Hearts" shade with Gold/Clear Icicle Glass Bead Fringe

Details of Cherubs Capodimonte Lamp

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