Floor Lamp Replacement Shades from Hannah Murphy

  Lampshade makers are passionate about their craft.  There is no end to the creativity that can be expressed in a custom hand-sewn lampshade.   I've heard it said that lamps and lighting are usually the last thing a new home owner thinks about.  Even if you're not a new home owner, a brand new feeling will emerge just changing lampshades on your existing lamps.  We sell all kinds of lamp  replacement shades

     Many of you have cherished old family heirloom lamps that have been around for generations, and you want to re-create the nostalgic feeling of days gone by.  Whether you have a valuable antique lamp, or a recent acquisition, just knowing a lampshade has been made especially for your lamp makes it special.    Hannah's custom-made lampshades will become heirlooms by themselves!   

     She uses only the finest materials available, meticulous needlework, and fabrics, colors, and trims you select.   We have over 3,000 lampshade frames in stock - all sizes, shapes and styles.   Call for a free consultation with Hannah regarding re-covering and restoration of old lampshades or new lampshades for table lamps, floor lamps, and bridge lamps.     We also carry an extensive inventory of repair parts for old lamps, so if you have an old lamp drifting in the attic that needs to be updated, contact us.   Check the link called "Lamp Parts & Lamp Hardware Index".   Custom-made floor lamp shades range from $169 and up, depending on fabrics and trims you select.

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Toll-free  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)


Be sure to check all other styles of floor lamp shade frames here: 

  Floor Shade Frames


Traditional floor lamp shades are made with Reflector Fitter wires that rest on the top edge of an opal glass bowl.  The top wires have little "humps" that fit over the edge of either an 8" or 10" bowl, and looks like this:

ReflectorFitterWire.jpg (110073 bytes)  Click on picture to enlarge


Floor lamp replacement shades for

Traditional Floor Lamp 3-candelabra lights with large Mogul light in center

(shade rests on top of reflector bowl - shown below)

  Click on this picture to enlarge and read dimensions

6" Bowl  $20.00

8" Bowl  $30.00

10" Bowl  $39.00



AVERAGE COST TO SHIP AN 8" OR A 10" BOWL IS $15.00 - $18.00



If you need a replacement shade immediately and can't wait for a custom-made shade,

Ready-Made (imported) Reflector fitter Shade for traditional Floor Lamp


High-quality materials and workmanship

Click on pictures to enlarge


Eggshell Color (off white)  Shantung outer with vertical piping, lined with off-white sateen

13" top, 19" bottom, 11" high rust-resistant galvanized frame

Fits 8" & 10" reflector bowl

$99.00 plus shipping and insurance while supply lasts

Estimated shipping based on UPS "dimensional weight" rates, $35 - $50 depending on your location



Click on pictures to enlarge

Factory-made imported Silk Shade shown on Stiffel traditional 3-candelabra lamp

Shade only:  13" Top, 19" bottom, 11" tall  $99.00 plus shipping & insurance

Reflector-wire fitter also fits 10" reflector bowl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Custom Shade For Daniel



Reflector Fitter for Floor Lamp with 10" Reflector Bowl


Click on pictures to enlarge

"Bouquet" Silk Jacquard with self-fabric bias piping, 5" chainette fringe, and Loop Braid Trim

$289.00 plus shipping & insurance




Click on pictures to enlarge to full size

Small version of "LeElegance frame"

7" Top, 14" bottom (center edge to edge), 17" bottom diagonally, 12-1/2" high

4-inch Clear Glass Seed & Bugle Bead Fringe

Light Yellow Crepe-Back Satin with Light Green Re-embroidered Lace overlay on corner panels

Brass color Crescent Braid

Corner panels meet at top as shown in pictures.


Rembrandt Frame for 8" Reflector Bowl


Covered with Silk Shantung, Silk Chiffon Pleats in 4 corner panels, 5" Cafe Bead Fringe. Matching Scroll Braid

Click on pictures to enlarge


"Josh's Diamond" Oval Frame for Double-Cluster Floor Lamp

Click on pictures to enlarge


for Andy


"Wine & Roses" Floor Lamp Shade


Click on pictures to enlarge

Large traditional floor lamp shade 15" Top, 20" Bottom, 11" tall, (plus 3" bead fringe)

Reflector Wire fitter for 10" bowl

Richloom high-quality fabric shown has been discontinued



 SarahWfloor.jpg (34850 bytes)   SarahWFinished.jpg (39812 bytes)   SarahWlining.jpg (25965 bytes)

Sarah (for 10" reflector bowl)

Medium Traditional Floor Lamp Shade:  13" x 19" x 11" tall

$289 with glass bead fringe as shown;  $239 with chainette fringe

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge.


Ana & Clarence


Medium Traditional Floor Lamp Shade:  13" x 19" x 11" tall

"Dusty Rose"  large-loop braid, 6" chainette fringe, each strut covered with self-fabric bias trim


fits 8" or 10" reflector bowl

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge.



BlueLoopSpoonOff.jpg (44761 bytes)   BlueLoopSpoon2.jpg (45947 bytes)  BlueLoopSpoon.jpg (44872 bytes)

"Blue Loop" Floor Lamp Shade  $289  (10" reflector bowl)

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge.


For Traditional Floor Lamp (fits 10" reflector bowl)


Medium Traditional Floor Lamp Shade:  13" x 19" x 11" tall

Plain Cream Silk Shantung with Bias Trim - Nothing Fancy -  $169

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge.




Large Traditional Floor Lampshade  15" Top, 20" Bottom, 11" Tall

fits 10" reflector bowl

Ivory Silk Shantung with matching Serpentine Braid  $179.00 plus estimated $40 shipping & insurance

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge.




Complete traditional 3-arm/Mogul floor lamp restoration with re-covered shade

Click on each picture to enlarge full size



This is a  Swing Arm Lamp  with an 8-inch reflector bowl (for information only)


A swing-arm lamp requires a shorter shade to clear the arm when you swing it out.

Reflector wire fitter shade for 8" bowl (click on pictures to enlarge)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Hand-sewn Silk shade for Swing Arm Lamp with Vertical Piping, Double Bias trim top and bottom

Reflector wire fitter shade fits 8" bowl (click on pictures to enlarge)

Specify color you wish - all fabric & trims custom dyed to your specifications

$169.00 with Vertical Piping;  $159.00 with No Vertical Piping

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


CWalterOff.jpg (79323 bytes)    CWalterOn.jpg (54064 bytes)    CWalterLining.jpg (40027 bytes)

9" top,  14" bottom, 9" tall

"Cherie"  $189

Silk Jacquard "Bouquet" pattern, large loop braid, 4" chainette fringe, self-fabric bias trim on vertical struts,

 custom dyed any color you wish


click here for Factory-Made Reflector-fitter Floor Lamp Shades



Shawn3.jpg (37572 bytes) Shawn2.jpg (26644 bytes)


BonnieAfter2.jpg (54497 bytes) BonnieAfter3.jpg (56235 bytes)

Custom built square frame for floor lamp  $289

Cream color Pleated Silk Shantung 

"Bonnie" for 10" Reflector Bowl floor lamp 

 (frame no longer available)



Hillary3.jpg (55980 bytes)  HillaryCloseUp.jpg (50662 bytes)  Hillary2.jpg (48516 bytes)  Hillary1.jpg (46400 bytes)

"Hillary"   $279 with short acrylic bead fringe

Standard floor lamp shade fits 10" reflector bowl


"Bouquet" pattern Silk Jacquard, custom dyed whatever color you want

 FloorShadeJJ.jpg (36127 bytes) FloorShadeJJ2.jpg (43080 bytes)  FloorShadeJJ3.jpg (33937 bytes) DanOff.jpg (40092 bytes)  Buff color


 DanOn2.jpg (27050 bytes) DanOn.jpg (19732 bytes)  Goldenrod color

"Dan"  $289 with chainette fringe;  $329 with bead fringe

Standard floor lamp shade fits 10" reflector bowl

The "Dan" frame comes in 3 sizes:

15" top x 20" bottom, 11" high   

13" top x 19" bottom, 11" high  (Most popular)

12" top x 18" bottom, 10" high

This one for Robert R.          Off  DanBuffLoopOff.jpg (41525 bytes)   On DanBuffLoop2.jpg (34519 bytes)  


This one also for Robert R.  

Vintage frame:  14-1/2" top, 18-1/2" bottom, 10" tall, slant struts

  DanPeach2.jpg (24509 bytes)  DanPeach4.jpg (37308 bytes) DanPeach1.jpg (27103 bytes)

On (side lights);   Off;   On (mogul bulb)

Peach silk jacquard with matching fringe and braid  (fringe looks Pink in the picture, but it is Peach!)


Click here for another "Dan" floor lamp shade with bead fringe

  BarryOnMed.jpg (37077 bytes) 

Chevon-shaped Bead fringe shown on his lamp has been discontinued

$359 with Glass Bead Fringe



 ClassicTyrian2.jpg (72571 bytes)  ClassicTyrian3.jpg (61996 bytes)  ClassicTyrianInside.jpg (22670 bytes) ClassicTyrian3.jpg (61996 bytes)

"Joanne"  on Classic frame - fits 10" reflector bowl  $389

Custom dyed Silk Charmeuse with rose design Lace overlay, 6" chainette fringe and scroll braid


 Lyd2a.jpg (20309 bytes)


 on Classic frame for 10" reflector bowl  $325

Cream Silk Shantung with 4" chainette fringe and scroll braid


Linda1.jpg (16289 bytes) Linda2.jpg (15138 bytes)

"Linda"   Double-Outscallop frame, for 8" or 10" reflector bowl  $279


  BlueLoop.jpg (101360 bytes) BlueLoop3.jpg (82190 bytes)

"Lynette"  Traditional floor lamp shade for 10" reflector bowl  $279


New floor lamp shade frames:

Like "Lynette" above, Standard Bell shaped, slightly flared, with reflector-wire fitters to fit 10" reflector bowl.  Flat banded top and bottom, eight panels - 3 sizes in stock:

15" top x 20" bottom, 11" high  

13" top x 19" bottom, 11" high  

12" top x 18" bottom, 10" high  


Click here to see frames for all styles of Floor Lamps


JZ.jpg (104945 bytes)  JZ2.jpg (113730 bytes)

"Janice"  using "Phat Phair" frame, for double cluster or single-bulb floor lamp

$325 with glass bead fringe (fabric shown is no longer available)


BillieV_off.jpg (15430 bytes) BillieV_On.jpg (16509 bytes)

"Billie"   Traditional drum-shape floor lamp for 10" reflector bowl (this frame no longer available)


Faye3.jpg (102909 bytes)  Faye2.jpg (99247 bytes) 

"Faye"  using Antique Scallop frame, for single bulb floor lamp  $279


RubyOff.jpg (102465 bytes)  RubyLit.jpg (93089 bytes)

"Ruby"  for tall, double cluster floor lamp   $525  

"Blue Sugar"

bluesugar.jpg (61636 bytes)     

Click on pictures to enlarge

 Sugar Shade for single bulb or double-cluster floor lamp.

LeElegance frame: Round Top 7-1/2", Square shaped bottom 19", 12-1/2" tall not counting fringe

$469 with glass bead fringe 



KGOctBell1.jpg (58137 bytes)  

custom size Octagon Bell frame, for double cluster floor lamp


kristine.jpg (32971 bytes)

"Kristine" frame, for single or double light floor lamp

see another version of Kristine at this link:

Victorian Sugar Shades by Hannah Murphy

Birds6.jpg (57533 bytes)   Bird7.jpg (62184 bytes)

"Birds of Prey" one-of-a-kind sugar shade, on "Trophy" frame - SOLD



WilliamsShadeOff.jpg (51924 bytes) WilliamsShade.jpg (63457 bytes)

"Cathy" for Double-Cluster Floor Lamp  $365



SageGarden2.jpg (44161 bytes) SageGarden.jpg (20065 bytes) SageGardenFringe.jpg (52509 bytes) 

"Sage Garden"  for tall, double cluster floor lamp

$475 + estimated $40-$45 shipping & insurance



WindSongBlack.jpg (23713 bytes) WindSongInside.jpg (23701 bytes)

Wind Song - large oriental style frame



Ideal for double-cluster floor lamp

 SiriAntiqueOn2.jpg (55423 bytes) 

Click picture to enlarge

Antique frame, covered here with Burn-out Velvet, lace, and silk chiffon hand pleats - all custom dyed to blend.   Double lined, with 6-inch chainette fringe.    We were happy when our frame maker faithfully reproduced this frame for us although it was a difficult and expensive proposition!   

$400 plus shipping and insurance - any color you wish.

(see more pictures at this link:  Victorian Lampshade Restorations)



Factory-made in China Silk Victorian lampshade for large table lamp or single-bulb floor lamp with harp. 

Excellent quality with 5-1/2" Glass Bead Fringe, 7" top, 18-1/2" bottom, 19" height

 Off-White with Sage Green, pure Silk Chiffon pleats and matching trim

FloorVictSage1.jpg (101007 bytes)  FloorVictSageOn.jpg (120916 bytes)  FloorVictSage.jpg (101822 bytes) FloorVictSage3.jpg (144470 bytes)

$220 plus shipping and insurance

(click on pictures to enlarge)

(A custom hand-sewn shade like this made in the USA would cost $400 or more!)


For details on frame dimensions, check Lampshade Frame Price List

We are set up to accept credit cards directly.  We also accept other credit card payments only through PayPal.  Call us first to determine shipping charges.

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