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NEW   Make-It-Yourself Lampshades from Hannah Murphy Lamps & Lampshades

The simplest way to learn to make lampshades is from a kit.

Easy - Fun - Creative - Economical

If you're the least bit creative and crafty you can update your own decor,  or make lampshades for friends,  or to sell at bazaars and craft fairs

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Kits contain Top Fitter, Bottom Wire, Fabric-covered or Pressure-sensitive Styrene, Wire wrap, Grosgrain Ribbon, decorative Braid or Bias binding, Arc Pattern, and complete instructions. 

 You furnish needle, thread, scissors, clear-drying craft glue and brush to apply it,  snap clothes pins or bulldog clips, ruler or measuring tape.  Nice to have, but not necessary, small compass for drawing even line around top and bottom of lampshade arc.

Available coverings:  

                                    "Leatherette, Black" -  white inside

                                    "Earth's Treasures" (real leaves & grass embedded)

                                    Textured Silk - Ivory

                                    Onionskin, natural, tan color

                                    Oiled Kraft paper - looks like brown paper bag

                                    Parchment - White (can paint on this)

                                    Rice Paper, Hunter Green, Black, or White (black shown at top of page)

                                    Pressure-Sensitive Styrene - apply your own fabric.

"Elephant Hide" - looks like Rawhide - DISCONTINUED

"Old World Map" - DISCONTINUED                                   

Types of fitters:    WT = Washer Top       CT = Cliptop          Uno = threaded

(All sizes listed below are in stock in Washer Top fitters, and some Uno fitters & Clip Tops) 

Prices range from $25 to $50 per kit, depending on fabric desired.   Supplies are getting harder to find, and prices have increased dramatically because of high cost of shipping large rolls of styrene.  Call for current kit prices.

Top         Bottom       Height         
4" 6" 5"
5" 8" 6"
5" 12" 6-1/2"
5" 12" 8"
5" 12" 9"
5" 12" 10-1/2"
5" 12" 11"
6" 10" 7"
6" 12" 6"
6" 12" 6-1/4"
6" 12" 7-1/2"
6" 12" 8"
6" 12" 8-1/2"
6" 12" 9"
6" 12" 10"
6" 12" 11"
6" 12" 12"
7" 11" 8"
8" 12" 9"

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  The Scalloped Hexagon "Printed Roses" shown on the right is no longer available.)

"Making lampshades is like potato chips - you can't quit after just one!"


Instruction Books for Styrene (Hardback) Lampshades

Excellent resources for learning how to make hardback lampshades

Lampshades  $15

Lampshade Construction  $15


We now accept credit card payments directly.  Any other credit card payment can be made through PayPal at  Call us first to determine shipping and insurance charges.

Call 1-888-640-LAMP (5267) to place order. 

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