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Many of these lamp parts are in stock.   Takes about a week to get special orders.  Let me know which pieces you're interested in so I can get prices for you.    We deal with many suppliers all over the US, so if you're looking for something you haven't seen here, send e-mail requests to .   We  scan catalog pages and post here for you to take a look.   

 We're sorry we haven't had time to compile a complete printed catalog of all the possibilities.  If we did, the catalog would be *enormous*!

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   Vintage & Antique Lamp Parts Bridge & Floor Lamp Components

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Click here for  Bridge Arms

Click here for Bridge Lamp Shades


Glass Shade Holders

Click here for Bridge Lamp Glass Shades for these Holders

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BBP4inchHolder.jpg (50758 bytes)

#10794    4" Fitter Brass Shade Holder  


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MoreHolders.jpg (122436 bytes) GlassHolders2.jpg (80843 bytes) GlassHolders9.jpg (152206 bytes) BrassHolders.jpg (62685 bytes)
Check this link for more Shade Holders



5" Brass Canopy

CanopyE275.jpg (59581 bytes)

Victorian Ceiling Canopies

VictCanopies.jpg (121282 bytes)

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Fancy Canopies

Canopies.jpg (118966 bytes)


Ceiling Canopy Kit for 3-1/4" glass

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3-1/4" Holder Kit, Screw Collar Canopy with Hardware, 3-1/4" fitter holder with thumb screws, 1 yard 8-gauge chain, 1-1/2" diameter die cast loop, medium base porcelain socket with 4' of clear gold lamp cord that includes a separate ground wire.

Brass-Plated Steel, Polished & Lacquered 


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Crystal Chandelier and Lamp Parts 

Metric Conversion Chart

Crystal Bobesches, Breaks, Columns, Finials

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Candle Sockets Loops Wood Bases Vase Caps
Candle_Sockets.jpg (45895 bytes) Loops.jpg (395539 bytes) VaseCaps.jpg (415704 bytes)

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Cord Sets

CordSets.jpg (42458 bytes)

Available in 8', 12', 15 or 16' lengths

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Harps & Wings

Prices shown are per 2-pc set.

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Custom Harp for special use:

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