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Prices for metals have skyrocketed.  When these items are gone, we probably won't be restocking them.

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Left:  M1038 Break:   Height 2-1/4" , Top 7/8", Base 1" Slips 1/4 IPS floor lamp pipe.  Cast Metal, antique brass finish  

Right:  E5304 Spindle:   Height 2-3/8", Diameter 2-1/16", Slips 1/4 IPS pipe, top seating diameter 15/16", bottom hole 3/4", bottom seating diameter 1", Unfinished Cast Brass  



Right:  M1062 Break: Limited supply.

Height 3",  Top 1",  Base 1",  Slips 1/8 IPS table lamp pipe,  Cast Metal, antique brass finish  

(This break will fit 1/4 IPS pipe if center hole is *carefully* enlarged with a small round file.)





Antique Brass finish Brass Breaks and Column

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abBreaks_Column.jpg (50188 bytes)

Small Break 

Large Break described below, left,  

Large Two-piece Brass Column  



 Break_Column.jpg (19057 bytes)

Heavy,  High Quality Cast Brass Break and Column for Floor Lamp or Bridge Lamp, slips 1/4 IP pipe.

  Brushed Brass Break #50252KL  3-1/2" high, inside top diameter 1-3/4", bottom diameter 2"  

    Brushed Brass Column #50222KL height 7-1/2", top diameter 1-3/8", bottom diameter 1-1/2"   

LeafBreak.jpg (16363 bytes) Leaf Break

Leaf Break for Floor Lamp, Slips 1/4 IP Pipe, 4-7/8" tall,   Cast Metal, antiqued brass finish,   11424   Limited Supply - Discontinued




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 (M330 top, right hand corner, Discontinued by supplier)

ADRBreaks.jpg (115881 bytes)


Cast Metal Lamp Breaks



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