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Lamp Pipe

Note on Thread Sizes for Pipe, Nipples, & Harps

Most Harp Tops and finials are threaded "1/4-27" which is the industry standard for 1/4" outside diameter post.

Table lamp pipe, socket caps, and some finials are "1/8 IP", industry standard 3/8" outside diameter.

Floor lamp pipe & bases,  and clusters are called "1/4 IP", industry standard 1/2" outside diameter.

Further detail on pipe & thread sizes at this link: 

 Lamp Pipe Size Chart


(see note below)

Steel_Pipe.jpg (357110 bytes)

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Short Pipe & Bent Pipe

BrassPipeBentPipe.jpg (103787 bytes)


1/4 IPS Pipe for Floor Lamps & Bridge Lamps.  Unfinished Steel threaded one inch on each end.

42"   $11.00

46"   $12.00

48"   $13.00 Out of stock

50"   $13.50

52"   $14.00

54"   $14.50

55"   $15.50

58"   $16.00

60"   $18.00

Shipping tube box  $16 - $20 depending on destination

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Arm Backs, Arms, Knobs, & Nozzles

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Arm Backs

ArmBacks.jpg (255569 bytes)



PinUpArms.jpg (350419 bytes)



brassarms1.jpg (282377 bytes)




Cluster Sockets, 





Reducers_Nipples.jpg (84237 bytes)


Click here for SOCKETS link

Click this link for Mogul Sockets

Mogul Holders for Floor Lamps & Torchiere Lamps


Knobs.jpg (137475 bytes)


Nozzles.jpg (186355 bytes)


Necks & Couplings

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Brass Loops 


BrassLoopE809.jpg (34175 bytes)

BrassLoopE730.jpg (29275 bytes)



Gas Cocks

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FinialSanta.jpg (34403 bytes)

Christmas Finials

columns.jpg (65246 bytes)

Click here for more Columns





Solid Brass Ball-Head Thumb Screw for Glass Shade Holders $1.00 each

B477 Head Diameter 3/8", #8-32 thread, half-inch shank

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Special Project fittings

3BrassFittings.jpg (161936 bytes) 3BrassFittings2.jpg (153894 bytes)

3 brass fittings (click on pictures to enlarge)

Picture on the right are the same 3 fittings upside down so you can visualize what your finished project will look like.



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