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Note on Thread Sizes for Pipe, Nipples, & Harps

Most Harp Tops and finials are threaded "1/4-27" which is the industry standard for 1/4" outside diameter post.

Table lamp pipe, socket caps, and some finials are "1/8 IPS", industry standard 3/8" outside diameter.

Floor lamp pipe & bases,  and clusters are  "1/4 IPS", industry standard 1/2" outside diameter.


1/8  IPS

1/4 IPS

3/8 IPS

1/2 IPS

1/4" diameter

Harp Tops & most finials

3/8" diameter

Table lamps, socket caps, and some finials

1/2" diameter

Floor lamps and Cluster bases

5/8" diameter

Chandeliers & other heavy duty applications

3/4" diameter

Large chandeliers & heavy duty applications

A few floor lamps and bridge lamps made in the 1920's used 3/8 IPS pipe, but most have 1/4 IPS pipe.


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