Lamp Hardware - Couplings, Nipples, etc.

Across-The-Board Woodworks

Toledo, Washington


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Brass Neck

Tapped (threaded)  1/8M x 1/4F

5/8" high,  7/8" diameter

Unfinished Brass

To transition from 1/4 IPS floor lamp pipe to 1/8 IPS to add socket.

3inchSpindle.jpg (26449 bytes)

3-inch Solid Brass Spindle

Slips 1/8 IP pipe (not threaded)

3/4" diameter

BrassCouplings.jpg (143611 bytes) Click on pictures to enlarge

Nipples.jpg (84598 bytes)

Brass Couplings


brasscolumns.jpg (31138 bytes)Brass Columns

Reducers_Nipples.jpg (84237 bytes) Nipples

Reducers & Nipples

ArmBacks.jpg (255569 bytes)  Arm Backs

CheckRings.jpg (74370 bytes) Check Rings, Seating Rings

BrassPipe.jpg (83230 bytes) Brass Pipe

CandleCovers.jpg (49930 bytes) Candle Covers

(supplies limited, being discontinued)


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